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            To obtain an estimated Return on Investment (ROI), insert the requested data in the fields marked by a red asterisk, and click on Submit. Please note that the results are an estimate based on actual Purchasing Assistantâ„¢ client history.

Note: Current data must be inserted to obtain a savings estimate*.

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Analysis Worksheet

            Number of Cost Centers*             
            Number of Purchase Orders (Default projection is based on 42 Purchase Orders per Cost Center, per year)    
            Supply Expense* (Annual office products, toner and printing expense).  
Administrative Expense
(Default amount based on time to process one Purchase Order.)
This calculator is designed to project savings based on the number of active cost centers and full time employees.

PRODUCT SAVINGS are based on price discounts negotiated by using the collective buying power of Purchasing Assistant.

ADMINISTRATIVE COST SAVINGS are based on Department of Labor salary statistics for employees who perform procurement tasks.

TIME ON TASK measurement studies show that approximately 1.5 hour's worth of salary and overhead expense (approximately $60.00) is required to process one purchase order.


Product Cost Savings         
            Administrative Cost Savings         
            Total Cash Savings         
            Total Percent Savings