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Purchasing Assistant™
Is a Cloud based, e-Procurement system that provides spend management control over all vendor activity.

It replaces manual tasks with automated systems allowing for a more efficient use of employee time. It reduces operational expense, and establishes greater audit and budget control.


IT Asset Assistant™ Provides network hardware and software management control from an item's purchase, establishing an audit trail during the item's active life cycle, to final withdrawal from service.

IT 'assets' are tracked by 'Smart Phones' / QR codes. The system displays the item's serial number, purchase cost, location, user, warrantee coverage, and service call activity. At the end of an item's asset life cycle, it accounts for scheduled destruction and receipt of any salvage value.


Inventory Assistant™ Manages the storage and flow of products and forms located in multiple onsite, or offsite stockrooms.

It monitors and maintains stock levels, provides requisitions to withdraw items, provides the ability to order, and reorder items based on projected usage and minimum stock levels (re-order points). Audit control is based on a FIFO accounting basis.


Contract Assistant™ Archives, details and monitors all service contract relationships with vendors. It provides 'action' alerts, termination and rollover notices to the system's manager, onsite employees, or offsite vendors.

Service calls can be scheduled and monitored. Internal work order notices can be issued to maintenance staff for work orders. RFQ's can be sent to vendors that can be converted to Purchase Orders.


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