ER Technologies provides financial and non-profit organizations with Cloud based software that increases operational efficiency and reduces administrative expense.

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Purchasing Assistant™
is multi-vendor, e-Procurement software that manages Purchase Order cycles from a products requisition, to the reconciliation / payment of a vendor's invoice.

Work Order Assistant™ manages service and repair order requests sent from cost centers to a Facilities Department, alerting them of the need for repair, maintenance or parts replacement.

Asset Assistant™ provides QR tracking of network hardware from an asset's purchase, through the item's life cycle, to it's final disposal and withdrawal from service.

Inventory Assistant monitors and maintains on-site and off-site stock rooms, generates requisitions to withdraw, order, and / or reorder items.

Contract Assistant
manages contracts, and details relationship activities with vendors, providing 'action' alerts, rollover, contract archival and termination notices.


Savings / Benefits

Consulting Services include a procurement work flow analysis, audit compliance, operational supplies pricing comparison, and manual labor efficiency report.

Purchasing Power
is provided by ER Technologies collective client base. It helps reduce the price of goods without requiring bulk purchasing requirements. The program includes manufacturer's cash rebates. 

Procurement Expense
includes the cost of processing a Purchase Order and the cost of goods. Automating processing tasks reduces labor and overhead expense. Increasing buying power reduces product cost.



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