Work Order Assistant™ sends a service order request from a cost center to a Facilities Department alerting them of the need for repair, maintenance or parts replacement.

Upon the receipt of the 'request', Facilities can send a Work Order to on-site maintenance staff, or to an off site vendor. Both time and parts are recorded in a History file for future budget and repair order analysis.


The request begins with the preparation of a message form that identifies the problem. The form allows for detailed special instructions including when the repair needs to be completed. The request is then sent to the Facilities Department for processing.

Upon receipt of the Service Order Request, a determination is made as to the most effective repair solution.

              • Sends an internal notice to maintenance staff to
                schedule a service appointment, or;

              • Sends a notice to a vendor to schedule a service

              • Purchase (or use the RFQ function), any parts;

              • Receive verification that the work order is completed;

              • Verifies the transaction history and notes required
                follow up.

Work Order Assistant™ is linked to the RFQ / PO and Service Contract functions allowing for purchasing equipment, verifying warranties, authorizing service calls and monitoring contract terms.

        Purchasing Assistant
          IT Asset Assistant™        
          Contract Assistant
          Savings Calculator
          Records Retention
          Subscription Fee

Work Order Assistant™ provides
       the ability for Facility Managers
       to receive repair and requests for
       service from all locations within the
       business enterprise.