Purchasing Assistant's™ monthly fee is based on a shared savings concept. It is offered as an annually renewable contract.

  • All account relationships are subject to a minimum fee of $1,000 per month;

  • The monthly fee is based on a mutually agreed upon, 50% shared savings*;

        Note: For a savings estimate, complete our.. Savings Calculator.

  • Asset Management, Facilities Management, Stockroom Management,
    or Work Order Management fees are calculated on a case by case basis,
    but can be 'bundled together' if more than one system is employed;  

  • Training is provided without charge via teleconference or web sessions.
    Onsite training is available with fees determined on an hourly basis,
    plus travel and expenses.

* Administrative savings are based current Department of Labor salary statistics for clerical and management employees that perform procurement tasks.

Time on task studies by the DOL suggest that an average of 3 employees are required to spend a minimum of 1.5 hours' worth of clerical / management time (approximately $60 total expense) to process an individual Purchase Order.

Multiple studies including IBM's 'Maximo' project observe that the administrative expense of processing a standard Purchase Order can range from a few dollars to buy US Postage, to several hundred depending upon the complexity of the Purchase Order. These steps include approval and receiving process, vendor communication, number of items that require price verification and certification for Accounts Payable.

The Aberdeen Group (Boston, MA) calculates that over 58% in administrative savings can result by using an automated, full cycle, e-Procurement system.


 "Price is what you pay,
         value is what you get"

        Warren Buffett

The value of Purchasing Assistant™
is reflected in lower administrative
expense, lower product cost, with greater expense and audit control.