Invoice Assistant

There are three basic steps in a purchasing cycle. The one that most often triggers an audit is the verification and payment of the vender's invoice.

  • The first step occurs when a buyer places a Purchase Order;

  • The second step occurs when a vender delivers the order;

  • The final step however, can only occur after the buyer verifies that each
    item's purchase price matches the vender's invoiced price;

The difficulty in meeting this requirement is compounded by the fact that 5% of all retail vender invoicing contains unintentional errors, 19% of which consists of pricing errors.


In retail web based 'shopping cart' transactions, the seller makes the process appear simple, attractive and 'fun'. All the buyer has to do is 'click' and pay.

During corporate purchasing transactions, the process becomes more complicated due to audit compliance and time / labor processing expense.

Procurement Systems by ER Technologies handle the entire purchasing process, increasing accuracy and reducing the administrative cost of procurement cycles by more than 58%