Facilities Assistant™ helps manage the ongoing activities of running a business enterprise. It assists in establishing and working with the vendor relationships between a company and service providers, as well as managing internal communications with support staff. It maintains all contract documentation online and integrates with the procurement of consumables and fixed assets.

  • Fixed asset 'maintenance' can be scheduled for periodic inspection and

  • Work Orders can be issued and sent to maintenance staff for execution;

  • Vendor contracts can be archived on line in their entirety, or viewed
    as a summary analysis;

  • Termination and 'rollover' alert notices can be scheduled for review prior
    to vendor contract renewal;

  • Service calls can be manually, or automatically sent to vendors for

  • The system provides for multi-vendor RFQ / RFP / PO processing;

  • History files are preserved for 7 years, and provide a basis for future audits.

Facilities Assistant™ assists in maintaining the efficiency and proper working condition
of both the physical plant and equipment. As a result, it helps 'revenue' producing staff to be more productive.                  




     Facilities Assistant™ is an easy to use,
       cloud based program. It documents legal
       relationships with all suppliers, receive
       alerts of key dates, monitor risk, manages
       workload and store files and messages, all
       in one location.
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