Contract Assistant™ manages business relationships between a company, and service providers. It maintains all documentation online and provides the basis for Disaster Recovery and Records Retention audit trails.

  • Contracts can be archived on line in their entirety, or as a summary analysis;

  • Termination and 'rollover' alert notices can be sent to system managers;

  • Periodic 'maintenance action' alerts can be sent to staff for follow up activity;

  • Vendor service calls can be requested for immediate maintenance;

  • The system provides for multi-vendor RFQ / RFP bidding, and evaluation;

  • History files are preserved for 7 years, and provide a basis for future audits.





     Contract Assistant™ is a simple to use,
       cloud based program. It documents legal
       relationships with all suppliers, receive
       alerts of key dates, monitor risk, manages
       workload and store files and messages, all
       in one location.