Expense Reduction Associates, Inc. was established in 1995 as a developer of
management software designed for the financial community and not-for-profit

In 2003, with the evolution of Internet based technology, we moved from onsite
installed and locally supported software, to Cloud based, Software as a Service

Today we are one of the leading providers of On-Demand procurement services
in the nation, providing state of the art management software via a monthly
subscription service.

  • Our management team is composed of senior banking, information
    technology, forms management, and CPM professionals;

  • Our focus is to assist the business community increase profitability
    by assisting employees to work smarter and reduce overhead expense;

  • Our success is largely based on our timely response to client service
    needs, and implementing requested custom
    software functionality
    upgrades without increasing fees.

We base our future growth on the concept that companies will be required to
maintain both competence and flexibility to meet rapidly evolving client needs.
As such, we are constantly seeking to employ new functionality and enhanced
program services.

ER Technologies is supported by Cogeco PeerI, a world wide company providing
data security, business-to-business services, including managed hosting, cloud based
computing and IT services.




          Managing Officers


Kevin Wm. Bless, President/CEO.
Background includes 25 years in
senior management positions with
regional banks, Instructor / cost
Accounting, (AIB).


Howard S. Yares, (JD),   Director of
Operations. Chief software Architect.
Background includes current Adjunct
Professor of IT, Director of Finance,
Philadelphia Bar Association