Asset Assistant™ manages the ownership needs for an organization's hardware, software and technical support services. Using QR coding during the acquisition phase, it tracks location, service call records, warrantee and technical support services. Upon the end of its use full life, the software follows the asset's finial disposition and removal from service.

As the complexity of asset tracking grows proportionally with the size of a company, the establishment and maintenance of this data becomes a critical factor required for efficient management and audit control.

  • Once an item has been chosen, pricing negotiated (RFQ / RFP to Purchase
    Order) and received, a QR code label is printed for attachment to the item
    allowing it to be monitored within an IT network;

  • Product identification includes the items status, location, financial data,
    depreciation schedule, life expectancy, and withdrawal from service;

  • Warrantee and product license information includes service calls, product
    upgrades, and recall notifications;

  • Asset disposition provides for the destruction, or reclamation of any salvage
    value obtained from hardware removed from service.

Asset Assistant™ management systems can be 'unbundled' and is available as follows:

  • As an asset management system that includes both procurement
    and full tracking capacity;

  • As a procurement 'front end' that generates an exportable file that
    integrates with existing asset management programs.



         Asset Assistant™ is ISO, ITAM
         compliant, providing resource data
         to IT staff, procurement, inventory,      
         finance and records personnel.